Pre-Season Training

This year we are running a more extensive pre-season training and will be selecting a Premier Training Squad that will consist of current and potential future Premier Cricketers. This squad will train seperatly in an academy style setting lead by Hamish Bennet to improve all aspects of their Cricket. For those selected the first six session will cost $10 per person.
The second half of pre-season will consist of one night being allocated to the this Premier Training Squad and one night open to all club players. Premier Training Sqaud players are welcome to attened the second night to “top up” their skills, but the second session will allow the second and third team memebrs to prepare for the upcoming season and for a chance to cement their place in the desired squads. From Tuesday the 3rd of September one net will be free and allocated for Premier women and Premier Girls.

Please see the full break down of pre-season training listed below.

North City Pre Season Plan 2019/2020

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