2020 Registrations

How to join

Come along and join the fun and excitement of playing cricket at North City Cricket Club. We cater for all ages from Year 0 to Year 8 for both boys and girls.

The North City Cricket Club is open to all interested members and does not exclude members on the basis of skill level or experience!

We suggest you come and visit us at one of our games, We would be happy to show you what we do.

Our Junior online registration form is now open for registrations for the 2020/21 season. Please fill out a form below for each child you would like to play. Contact us if you have any questions.

 Registration Form

Junior Club Fees

Fees for the 2020/21 season

Super Starter (Year 0-1)
Individual (Year 2-7)
Year 8

Girls Only Grade
$60per player
Premier Girls/Women's Youth
$60per player

There is a $10 family discount for each additional child you enter.

2020/21 Registration

Junior Registration Form

Online registrations are now open for the 2020/21 season.  Please fill in a registration form below for each child you wish to play.


Payment details

Payment Options

Banking details:

Account  Name: NCCC
Account Number: 03-1534-0005994-00

Please put the player’s name in the description when you make a payment.



Alternatively, you can come down to Linden Park and pay over the bar.